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Established in 2000, Acidwork Productions is a film and video production company specializing in documentary projects. Based in New York City, Acidwork Productions strives to tell the everyday, untold stories that surround us and challenge its audiences to "try looking at things another way."


Acidwork Productions was named in the spirit of Gas Works Park, a former oil refinery situated on Seattle, Washington's Lake Union. Gas Works was named an E.P.A. Superfund site in the 1980s when hazardous traces of soil and groundwater contamination were found.


However, despite posted E.P.A. warning signs to not sit on, eat, touch, or inhale the toxic dirt, grass and vegetation, local residents flocked to this lakeside location to enjoy its spectacular views of Seattle. Perched atop rolling hills, the inactive Gas Works plant still stands today, its surrounding park a favorite spot for local Seattle residents.

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