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Neil Holstein, Founder of Acidwork Productions, has over ten years experience in technology and has served as consultant for such clients as Prudential Securities, Merrill Lynch, ING Barings, and American International Group. Past projects include cutting-edge Internet development and web design, high profile financial applications and revolutionary international electronic trading platforms.

Chris Miller has over twenty years experience in film and television marketing and



production. Throughout his career, Chris has had the opportunity to work with Bruce Nadel, The Maysles, Michael Moir and Rick Levine. Credits include the “Hand Maid’s Tale” and Nickolodeon’s “The Adventures of Pete and Pete.”

Maria Carola has over ten years experience in public relations and documentary photography. Past clients include Gerry Spence, Barnes and Noble, David Mamet, Covenant House, Pierre Salinger, Pfizer, Eric Bogosian, Ben Elton and American Red Cross.


Jason Rubenstein has been part of the New York film community since 1994 and has worked on the production of over thirty movies and television shows, including “Any Given Sunday”, “Godzilla”, “Felicity” and “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.”

Matthew Carola has been a script writer and camera man for Telly and Emmy-Award winning PBS series, “Trailside,” since 1996. His other projects include educational children’s television program, “Maxxed Out” and Teaching Learning Network’s “Discover America.”

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